What do we do when all want is an amazing recipe that will actually give us the best at the same time help us not to gain weight? The easiest and the most achievable way is to seek the help of the green smoothie! It’s actually one of the best drinks that will really grant you the best. Your breakfast won’t really give you this but when your choice is the green smoothie, then you will really have a chance to get a serving of this best product. The color may really not be so pleasing but the results are really very fulfilling!

What is a Green Smoothie?

A green smoothie is actually a blended drink that mainly contains vegetable greens or sometimes fruits. For any drink to be termed as a green smoothie it should really contain the blended mixtures of fruits, vegetables and also other ingredients. The color that they do really have is a green color that really gives it there distinctive green color!

How to Make a Perfect Green Smoothie

Making a perfect green smoothie for breakfast is really an easy task. The best green smoothie is made easy with a blender. Before you begin the process all you need is the blender, leafy greens and also some fruits. Be sure to have perfect rationing to avoid imbalances that may result from the inaccurate measurements.

Notably, the green smoothie is an amazing diet shake that can really grant you amazing benefits when it’s really well prepared.

The ingredients needed are:

  • Fresh spinach
  • A banana
  • A frozen mango
  • A frozen pineapple


  • Blend a cup of spinach or any other leafy greens that you may consider a better choice for you.
  • Into a blender, add a cup of water do a thorough blending until all the leafy chunks are gone
  • Fruits are then tossed in such as the banana, mango or even the pineapple
  • Do the blending until they are actually very smooth and also creamy
  • Serve them immediately and enjoy your amazing green smoothie.

5 Green Smoothie Tips

  • Always ensure that the choice of the ingredients that you add to the blender are the right ones with the best taste that you will want. Stick to the 60/40 rule
  • It’s always advisable to do the process in stages to avoid chunks. Always starts with the leafy greens then the rest will follow later.
  • Ensure that the fruits that you are using are well-freeze so as to give you that amazing green chilly smoothie! What you are actually required to do is to freeze your fruits well then you add them to the blender for the best results.
  • Raw natural sweeteners are really recommended such as naturally sweet fruits. This will actually help you do away with the artificial sweeteners! When you stick to bananas, mangoes and also oranges, it really gives the best sweet and natural sweetness!
  • Best green smoothie recipes are always recommended every morning especially when you are always walking under a very tight schedule! It’s always good when you do the blending before you sleep and store them in a fridge for the fresh smoothie in the morning as you start your day.

Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

Health Benefits

Best green smoothie recipes are always recommended because of their amazing benefits. They are actually the best weight loss meal plan that will offer the best benefits such as:

  • They are natural weight loss supplements

If your reason for using a green smoothie is to achieve the weight loss aim, then you are actually on the right track! They offer amazing weight loss benefits since they have very low-fat contents and therefore warrants the best in ensuring that you steadily lose weight!

  • It increases your energy

Research has really shown that people taking and a green smoothie in the morning are very strong and healthy! The energy of the individual is highly boosted following the benefits that fruits do offer to the body!

  • It boosts the nutrition

When your food intake is majorly fruits or rather the green vegetables, it has an effective way of boosting healthy nutrition since it ensures the proper working of the body organs hence ensuring a healthy lifestyle!

  • It’s an excellent source of mineral

The green smoothie will actually ensure that your body is well supplied with sufficient minerals that will offer amazing benefits in the immune system of the individual.

  • It’s an excellent source of antioxidants

Every healthy individual will really need antioxidants that do really act as the best immune boosters in the body. Antioxidants are really best in ensuring that you don’t gain the weight by acting on the fats in the body!

The Bottom Line

To conclude with, green smoothies are really very amazing and their benefits can never be overlooked! Every detail about the green smoothie is just very fulfilling and it has no shortcomings following their natural existence. What you get are amazing minerals and vitamins that always supplements for healthy nutrition and also a good immune system! Preparing them is also another easy task that really needs no skills! Get a taste of it and you will surely love it!


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