Baker boy hats have officially come back in the fashion scene. The good thing is that these hats have a good appearance than ever before. Nowadays, this classic has has been seen on famous ladies and celebrities in the entire globe. These hats are casual but at the same time very stylish and will definitely rock with your favorite outfit. Once these hats are paired with some jeans or dresses, you can be sure to have a sexy look. However, for more details about the Baker boy hat, read on through this article to know what we have prepared for you.

What is Baker Boy Hats?

These hats are referred by many names among them being newsboy, baker boy or even page boy. All in all, it is certain that this topper has actually taken over. It is a hat which most girls as well as supermodels have adopted due to its unique design. The hat has actually turned into an ultimate cool-girl hat which is a must have whether you are on or off the red carpet events.

History of Baker Boy Hats

We thought that it would be necessary to know a bit of history about the Baker boy hats. In UK, there is a very long history of people wearing flat caps. This originated in the Queen Elizabeth I era which sighted to have a boost in the wool industry. This therefore led to the imposing of a 3 farthing fine in case the working classes did not to wear the woolen hats on Sundays and during holidays.

From then onwards, the flat caps became the headgear for men who toil in the mines, the mills as well as quarries. Similar to the working class, there were 2 main versions namely the common one-piece model and the 8-sided cap with a cloth-clad button at the middle. This is what turned out to be called the baker boy hat. What gave the Baker boy hat a huge break is the hit TV drama famously known as “Peaky Blinders”. From that time, this hat has had resurgence.

How to wear

You definitely need to look stylish when rocking the baker boy hat to avoid looking like a bus driver. The secret is not complicated as you just need to keep it stylish and simple. This hat must not have to match an elaborate outfit. You will need to wear it with simple outfit like jeans and t-shirts. The authentic and classic style is going to blend perfectly and balance with your outfits. In case you are looking for an easy combination, you need to try out the simple black hat. It has good style with a solid color to help you look even more stylish. It has minimal accenting which makes it ideal for the casual clothes you wish to rock the hat with.

Baker Boy Hats

What does it Cost?

Now you have made up your mind to purchase the baker boy hat? There are several online platforms through which you can get access to these hats. They are available in different colors and sizes and you are definitely going to get your ideal choice. The good thing about this hat is that it comes at a very affordable price of £12.00. You therefore have every reason to purchase this hat.

Pros and Cons


  • The hat is made of a combination of quality fabric
  • One size fits everyone from teens to adults
  • Vintage Style is ideal for both men and women
  • Solid colors & patterns are available
  • Lightweight and cozy design
  • Ideal for all seasons of the year


  • Buttons fall off easily
  • Some people say that it fits loosely

Customer review

You will feel energized after buying reading what the customers have to say about these hats. They describe it as a stylish hat which features quality construction not only for durability but also for style. The pricing is another thing you will fall in love since you save money and remain stylish at the same time.

The Bottom Line

The Baker boy hat is unique and best fashion accessories in its own way as evidenced in the article. It will give you a stylish look due to its quality design. The good thing about this hat is the fact that it can be worn on all types of occasions. Most of these hat s are made of a combination of wool and polyester to keep you stylish and comfortable. The hats are made in different colors and sizes so that you can have a wider selection. Additionally, they come at very affordable prices. You therefore have every reason to rock your favorite hat just the same way the celebrities do.



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