Cannabidiol which is commonly referred to as CBD oil is widely accepted as a natural remedy for different health issues. The product is used to substitute the OTC pharmaceutical drugs which have grown rapidly for the past few years. As opposed to most supplements, CBD oil has so many uses, for example, lowering high blood pressure as well as providing some relief to side effects often associated with cancer treatments. To understand more about CBD oil, we reviewed some of the best CBD oil for pain as you are going to see later in the article.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is among the non-psychoactive elements which are located in a plant called Cannabis Sativa. CBD is similarly available in specific hemp strains a tough and fibrous part in the cannabis herb. This oil is normally made by extracting some resin from hemp stalks or the cannabis flowers where it is later diluted with some carrier oil like coconut and olive oil. In this context,

What is CBD Oil for?

Proponents of CBD oil usually claim that this product is capable of treating different health issues. These issues will range from daily ailments to chronic medical conditions. Among these issues are:

  • Chronic pain
  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle spasms
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma

How does CBD oil work?

Your body produces certain cannabinoids without using any products. The body features two receptors for these cannabinoids among them being CB2 & CB1 receptors. The latter is located in your entire body but most of them are located in your brain. These receptors are meant to coordinate and regulate your moods as well as your appetite. This is where THC will attach itself since the brain is the first part of your body to receive the pain signal. As such, you will be able to get relief in a very short time.

CBD oil pros and cons

  • Doesn’t get people high

You need to know about CBD that it has no psychoactive effects which are responsible for getting people high. As such, you will not feel disoriented or have some strange appetite after consuming the CBD oil products.

  • Ideal for pain relief

Research has it that Cannabidiol acts as a perfect medication for pain relief. If you are suffering from headaches or any form of migraine, this is the ideal product for you. CBD works by addressing the issues lying behind this pain.

  • Easy to use

With CBD oil, you will not be required to eat some medicated candies or even visit the physician in order to use this product. You can mix the CBD oil with your food or even incorporate it in your beverages which makes it very easy to consume. It is also odor-free and tasteless which makes it convenient for the user.


  • Might lead to drowsiness

If you want to stay awake after using CBD oil, this might be a bit hard. This is due to the fact that Cannabidiol leads to drowsiness when consumed at high doses. If you are afraid of this effect, you need to begin on low doses.

  • Might lead to lung issues

Depending on the manner in which CBD oil is consumed, this product can lead to serious lung issues. In extreme cases, it can lead to lung cancer. If you suspect any issues after using this product, you need to stop immediately and seek medical attention.

Best CBD Oil Brands for 2021


At the first position in these reviews, we present the FAB CBD which has actually captured what other manufacturers could not.  Although Fab might be new in the CBD scene, the manufacturer of this product knows what he is doing. The ingredients used are all-natural and the oil comes in several flavors to select from. This CBD oil gets top marks in terms of quality and transparency and the great thing is that the price has not been exaggerated.


The price for this CBD oil is so affordable to make the product available to most people. You will find out that a 150mg pack just goes for $39 and for the 600mg pack, you will have to pay $79 only.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Simple operation
  • Excellent customer experience

Side effects

  • It is associated with boating
  • It might raise your anxiety


Overall Opinion

FAB CBD is new in the CBD oils but it has proven to be effective even more than some oils which have been in existence for a while. One thing they have made a priority is quality and transparency. The cost of this product is also very friendly. Another thing you will like is the packaging of their products.


Koi CBD boasts manufacturing among the “cleanest” CBD oils in the industry. It has a purity of 99% which can be easily traced from the beginning of the process of the manufacturing process to its final product. Apart from that, it has received the ISO Lab Certification which places on a higher rank than its competitors. It makes use of natural ingredients such that you get pain relief within the least time possible.


This product has also been affordably priced to help patients achieve their desired results without digging into their pockets. The product ranges between $29.99 and $99.00.


  • Glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Natural and artificial flavoring
  • CBD isolate


  • 100% natural
  • ISO Lab certified
  • CBD vape kits are easily accessible
  • Ideal for different medical conditions

Side effects

  • Unnatural flavor
  • Products are prone to backorder


Overall opinion

Koi CBD is basically an inexpensive alternative that offers high-quality CBD oils. The oils are of good quality since they can be used for different medical conditions. With its different certifications, this is a product you can rely upon.


Elixinol manufactures different products but the CBD Tincture has allowed them to gain so much reputation. One dropper from 300 series has 10mg of CBD which allows you get exact CBD amounts with no guesswork involved. Elixinol has actually received several awards for its products as well as the extraction process. It uses natural ingredients and you will appreciate the fact that it comes in cinnamon and natural flavor for convenience.


If you do not mind a little more on CBD oils, this is the product you should go for. These products have been priced between $39 and $249.  The good thing is that they guarantee value for your money.


  • It is a trusted brand
  • Originates from certified organic hemp
  • Sustainable operation
  • They donate 5% of each purchase to charity

Side effects

  • Few flavors to select from
  • A bit pricey


Overall opinion

Elixinol is among the many brands which have been made over the past few years and gained so much reputation in the CBD industry. The only thing they need to lower is their prices and get themselves among the top 3 CBD oils in the CBD industry.

CBD Essence

Just as people say, this product is the ideal solution for pain and anxiety were given that it has an advanced as well as natural formula. Its extraction process is just the best given that a team of experts is involved in the process. Their products are THC-free implying that their products will not get you high at all but rather focus on medicinal benefits.


  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Cream of tartar
  • Chocolate
  • Industrial hemp


This manufacturer offers different CBD products whereby the price ranges between $62 and $204 depending on the potency.


  • Medicinal grade extract
  • Fast shipping and quality customer service
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Delicious CBD edibles

Side effects

  • It is available in only two potencies
  • A bit expensive


Overall opinion

The CBD essence is a very ideal option for those people who are looking to save their money on a monthly CBD supply. They have a very good bundle price provide that you buy 4 bottles at once.

Plus CBD

Plus CBD Oil easily takes the crown as the best CBD capsule. This is due to the fact that they are not only but also fast-acting as well as long-lasting. With no uncommon flavors, this is a product you will definitely enjoy using. You will only be required to consume one or two everybody to supplement your meals. By so doing, you will enjoy the benefits in terms of reduced anxiety as well as pain relief.


If you are looking to save money on CBD oils, this is the product you ought to consider. You will only be required to spend $62 for the Plus CBD oil.


  • Full-spectrum extract
  • Contains no additives
  • Incredible taste
  • 100% natural

Side effects

  • Limited range of products

Plus CBD

Overall opinion

It’s only fair to state that these capsules have so much to offer. They are highly concentrated and easy to use. If you are among those people who cannot stand the hemp taste, there is no need to worry since these capsules are entirely flavorless.

CBD Oil Review

You will come across several customer reviews online about CBD oil some of which could be negative. However, according to most customers, you are going to enjoy the several health benefits of this product. Most of them claim that this is the ideal product for relieving muscle pains as well as alleviating migraines. Most CBD oils have some delicious tastes which make them easy for users to consume. If you experience difficulties consuming the products, you will be happy to realize that there are CBD gummies that are very easy to consume. To sum up, these are products you should definitely try.

Bottom Line

CBD oil has undergone several studies and proved to treat several health issues among them being anxiety, pain relief, depression, as well as heart diseases. For individuals with cancer, CBD oil can also provide natural alternatives for pain relief. You need to know that research on the health benefits of CBD oil is still ongoing.

With that, you can expect several CBD oil therapeutic uses to be revealed. Although there is still a lot to be learned as far as the safety of CBD is concerned, research has it that CBD might provide safe and powerful treatment for several health issues.


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