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Best Meditation Apps Of 2021

Meditation is a great way to refocus and center yourself. But with life being as hectic and distracting as it is today, it can be an unusually difficult task. It has many benefits. Mindfulness apps, among the best-known benefits, can reduce stress and help connect with your inner “I”.

In addition, some users have reported improved attention span. The most essential thing is that you include it in your plan, work the memory and escape from negative thoughts. In terms of relaxation effects, it can improve sleep, help relax the mind and reduce blood pressure. For these effects, many mindfulness meditation apps were created

Using an app means you can easily choose from a range of options like a 30-minute formal guided meditation. There are many mobile meditation apps that have been launched in this market. And, with so much competition, you’ll need to be able to tell which are the best.

And this is what you will see in today’s article. Let’s introduce yourself in the best meditation apps of 2021. Many of the apps comes for free. But you may want to consider upgrading packs or extras. Continue reading and get to know the best free meditation apps.

How Meditation Apps Work?

You know all the benefits of meditation. But do you really know how they work? Here is a review of how mind and body apps work. Fortunately, there are several minds app that are our best ally to learn how to do it. Because they put us one click away from a guided meditation.

Here is a brief guide to the ones we like the most. Try to disconnect with the help of your mobile, or any other device. So that later they say that the internet only serves to generate noise and stress.

Best Meditation Apps of 2021

Ten Percent Happier Meditation

Ten percent happier meditation

The Ten Percent Happier app is full of guided meditations and practices. These can be done anywhere that focus on positivity. The information timer allows you to choose meditations based on your concentration.

Such as sleep, anxiety or stress. This free-to-download app provides over 500 guided meditations on a variety of topics.



Buddhify, an allied app that will help you to join the world of meditation. It’s a very guided way to use app and very simple. This app has audios from 4 to 15 minutes to meditate in all kinds of situations.

With more than 200 meditations, the buddhify app teaches you how to reduce anxiety and stress. When you initially open the app, you’ll see a wheel with 16 different activities to choose from.

The one that identifies you when you enter. When you select it, there are 6 options of meditation exercises related to the activity. Just choose the one you want and you can do it right then and there!



Unplug is another ideal application to combat anxiety and get into meditation. Thanks to its multiple options you can start from the beginning. As you progress, you can enjoy more complex levels of meditation.

So that, day by day, you can optimize your results. It is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

Simple Habit

Simple habit

Simple Habit is a healthy mind app that helps you (back) to get into the benefits of meditation in small guided capsules. Generally of 5 minutes, whose effects you will begin to notice in the first session.

Not surprisingly, it is an application that has earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of people. Simple Habit accumulates more than half a million downloads on Google Play alone. In addition, a score of 4.8 out of 5 on average in the ever-demanding App Store. Out of more than 26 thousand ratings.



This mind app uses science focused on positive psychology to help users learn to be happier by creating habits. Happify offers self-esteem exercises and a series of games that teach you how to improve stress. In addition to everyday problems. All the tools in this app are designed to work on emotional well-being.

Meditation Apps To Help With Anxiety

Smiling Mind

Smiling mind

The application is available for iOS, and gives a sense of calm, clarity and joy. All this is due to the advice of a team of psychologists. They show virtual classes in the form of therapy.

Through a series of tests, the user is understanding how to deal with certain situations. It is more focused on teenagers and anxiety problems!

Insight Timer

Insight timer

This app is very complete and has several functions in addition to the stopwatch. It has more than one million downloads in its Android version. Also, a rating of 4.6 with more than 20,000 reviews.

You have to choose the number of taps and the type of sound to mark the start of meditation. Then the total duration of the meditation and if you want to have intermediate taps. And finally, the tap that marks when you have finished and how many times it repeats.



Calm is a simple smartphone software that teaches mindfulness and makes it simple to practice meditation on a regular basis. The app is a meditation and mental conditioning application. It includes a number of tools that are intended to assist users.

It helps them relax, sleep or become more mindful. One of Calm’s biggest draws for many is its collaboration with popular celebrities. These appear in the app as Sleep Stories readers.



This is a very cool and simple application that helps you with the daily practice of mindfulness meditation. The Take Ten program is offered for free when you download the Headspace app. This is a simple introduction to mindfulness meditation that will take only 10 minutes out of your day. Plus, from day one the app is welcoming, fun and encouraging.



It is suitable for beginners (with motivational challenges). As well as for experts who want to enter into silence with the chanting of Rudram Pooja. It checks your heart rate and records your mood before and after meditating.

Benefits Of Using A Meditation App?

Meditation decreases stress considerably. It also helps to maintain balance in all aspects of your life. It also aids in the development of a calmer mentality, allowing you to approach the day with greater ease. On the other hand, it improves emotional stability.

Because it helps you learn to maintain a state of full awareness and calm. Knowing how to think and see things clearly will help you to enjoy each moment more.

Another benefit is that it facilitates and improves the quality of sleep. The moment of falling asleep is a mirror of how your mind has been throughout the day.

Therefore, by having that state of relaxation with meditation, you will fall asleep faster. Also, you will be able to rest better. You will be able to start the next day with greater energy as a result of this.

Is It Really Worth It?

Some people believe that meditation can change the way you see things. Allowing you to observe what is going on in the world without bias. In a larger and more comprehensive sense. Others regard it as a place of rest and reflection, where one may learn about oneself and the surroundings.

It used to be very rare to hear of any of your friends practicing meditation. Today, the number of people I know who practice meditation is incredible. It is really worth doing it. Try it yourself and you will see.

What Do the Psychologists Say?

Psychology has proven that meditation works. Its benefits have already been demonstrated. Today there is no room for doubt. There are no negative reviews about good meditation.

Obviously, it has to be guided and performed by someone who knows how to do it. Several studies have already confirmed the benefits of meditation. Moreover, like everything else in science, research continues to find positive effects of meditation.

Final Thoughts

For the most open minds, meditation is an ancient practice that allows to master the mind. At the same moment, you’ll be able to achieve complete consciousness. For more rational, meditation is a technique that reduces stress and increases overall well-being.

This new vision of meditation has facilitated a greater understanding on the part of Western minds. More pragmatic and skeptical than Eastern minds. It has been key to its expansion into influential sectors such as top management, culture and elite sports. Therefore, meditation apps are a big step for this technique.

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