There are so many ways you can use a CBD product. You can opt to vape it, consume it as an extract, or even swallow it in form of pills. However, some people prefer applying CBD directly to their skin. If you read the CBD reviews, you will realize that most people prefer topical applications of CBD, such as massage oils. CBD oil is an extract of the industrial hemp which seems to bring healing benefits regardless of the form in which it is ingested. However, for certain forms of chronic pain or skin conditions, topical applications will the most ideal form of application of CBD. The topical cream can similarly work much faster due to the fact that CBD will not be forced to travel in the entire digestive system. To understand more about the CBD topical cream, read on through this article.

What is CBD?

CBD is the short form of Cannabidiol which is among the naturally occurring compounds found in a plant called hemp. THC is the compound responsible for getting people high. However, as opposed to medical marijuana products, CBD oil is actually made from the high-CBD and low-THC hemp. To put it in simpler terms, CBD oils offer medical benefits without getting people high. To be precise, CBD is capable of counteracting the THC psychoactivity.

CBD is normally extracted by combining hemp with other compounds like butane or olive oil. One of the cleanest methods in which you can extract BD is using a technique known as supercritical C02 extraction. Here, you use carbon dioxide in different pressures to get CBD oil extracted. Although the method is quite expensive, it ensures that you get the purest quality of CBD oil.

What is CBD Cream?

After explaining what CBD cream is, you must be curious to know what CBD topical cream is. This is basically an ointment which has been made by infusing some quality cannabis flowers into some form of quality oil. This oil can be coconut or olive oil which extracts active compounds like CBD, THC or a combination of the two based on the hemp type used.

CBD Cream: How do they function?

CBD is among the active cannabinoids located in cannabis & hemp which makes up 40 % of this plant’s extract. As opposed to THC, it is possible to consume CBD without getting “high”. This makes it valuable in relieving pain relief as well as allowing this product to be legal.

What CBD does is to interact with several receptors like vanilloid, adenosine & serotonin receptors. After that, you can experience several effects like activation of the adenosine receptors which offers CBD some anti-inflammatory as well as anti-anxiety effects. CBD is capable of reducing pain by interacting with the TRPV-1 receptors responsible for regulating the body temperature, pain perception as well as inflammation.

Medical Benefits of CBD Cream

  • Treats skin inflammation

CBD has some anti-inflammatory properties which are so beneficial to the skin. CBD is known for helping the cells regenerate and treat several skin conditions. According to reviews from users of these products, you can be sure to get rid of your skin problems.

  • Lowers the risk of skin cancer

Although more research is needed, there is evidence that CBD cream can reduce the risk of skin cancer. All these are very beneficial for you to achieve good looking skin. However, the benefits of CBD cream goes beyond the daily beauty regimen.

  • Helps with arthritis

Recent research has focused on the use of CBD cream in treating arthritis and the results are very promising. Since CBD cream has very few side effects, most people are opting for it with an aim to relieve pain.

Need to Know About CBD Cream!

Side Effects of CBD Cream

There are no direct side effects associated with the use of CBD cream. Having said this, in case your skin is very sensitive, you might be allergic to its ingredients such as olive oil. However, to be honest, most of its ingredients are healthy for the skin and are unlikely to cause any problems. Most of the complaints you will hear from people who ingested CBD into their body either by eating or smoking include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Liver issues

That latter is of main concern and in case you are under a heart medication, adding CBD in the mix might be risky for your health. For this reason, ensure to consult the doctor before you can ingest any CBD product.

Bottom Line

In case you are wondering about the best manner in which you can use CBD, there is an effective way to do so and that is through the skin. Although this is relatively slow compared to using it as a capsule and supplement, CBD will absorb easily into your skin allowing for consistent & continuous absorption for a long time. Due to their several therapeutic benefits, the CBD topicals have become very popular. There is a wide range of products like lotions, salves among others which are available on the internet. CBD cream for pain is one of the products which you will definitely want to try out if you have problems using this product in other forms. In short, this is just an amazing way to enjoy the maximum benefits of CBD products.


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