Content writing is now one of the most demanding jobs. It is also a popular freelancing role in the market. A good content writer will always try to advance his/her content writing skills. If you are looking for content writing tips, today is your lucky day. In this article, we will share the 15 most advanced and proven content writing tips and tricks. So buckle up, and keep reading.

What is Content Writing

Content writing is the entire process of publishing content or web content. It is part and parcel of digital marketing. Content planning, writing, editing, publishing all are part of content writing. Many of us think that content writing is only limited to blog posts. But it is not. Content writing can be blog posts, email text body, scripts of video, video description, web page copy, social media post, landing pages, white papers, etc. Content writing is the basis of any content which you publish.

Content Writing Tips:

There is no fixed and shortcut to content writing tips which will make your content great. But there are some pro content writing tips and tricks that will make your content better. We cannot promise you that we will make you the best content writer. We can only promise that if you follow the below-mentioned tips, you will only do better. So without further ado, let’s get to the best 15 content writing tips:

  1. Know What to Write:

You must write on a proper topic. Writing on the right topic at the right time can produce magical results. So, how do you decide on which topic you should write about? It is a matter of research. If you analyze your industry and your audience, you would know.

2. Know Your Audience:

Knowing and understanding the audience is another absolute essential matter. A good content writer always writes for his/her audience. You should know who your readers are, their likes and dislikes, age, locality, and what they look for in content. It is better if you can create your audience’s demographics, talk to your client, consult the audience if possible, get into their communities, and collect a buyer persona if it is relevant. Try every possible way to know your readers better. If you are writing for your audience, your audience themselves will find you.

3. Do Your Research:

Research is the key to great content. It would help if you always researched first before jumping into writing. Understanding the topic is not the only requirement. Researching every aspect related to the content is vital. You can and should conduct various types of researches. Let’s look at some great ways to make your research useful:

Search Google:

Google is your best friend. Search the topic or the focus keyword. Read, read and read, get to know your topic better. Gather information in an organized way.

Do Competitor Research:

Your competitors will always help to make your content better. Go through their contents. Learn what they good at, find what they lack. Look at their keywords; steal them. Now combine all and make a better result.

Know Your Audience:

It is the most important of all research. Get to know your audience as much as you can. Know their preferences, dislikes, demands, any required information. Involve with your readers, meet them. Talk to them, monitor their social media activities. Write what they want to read. If they want something you don’t like, do not bother, write for them.

Do Keyword Research:

Keywords will win you the SEO race. It will maximize your content’s reach. Use popular keyword research tools. Do not go keywords with high demands. Go for keywords with medium difficulty and volumes. Optimize your content with your keywords, and you must maintain a balance.

Collect Reference Material:

Good content needs credibility. You should provide proper references in your content. While you are collecting pieces of information and surfing the web, collect references along the way. Store them in an organized manner. While you are writing the content, use these references correctly.

Research Your Title and Opening:

No matter how good you write, if your title doesn’t attract your readers, there is no point. Write a catchy title. Lure your readers. Make them click on the article. Once you did that, now start with a strong opening so that they get hooked. Readers will decide in seconds whether they will read the content or not. It massively depends on your first one or two lines. After they are hooked and ready to read, give them something good to read.

Consult Experts:

Yes, you are an intelligent, professional, and expert writer. But not every topic is your cup of tea. Use the intelligence of the smart people surrounding you. If a topic falls under the niche of your colleague or friend, utilize their expertise. Newcomers to an industry or a new client can introduce you to totally new scenarios. Make a schedule with that expert friend/colleague of yours and meet them. Please make a list of questions or prepare a bit before meeting them. You will see that results will be amazing.

Search Quora, Reddit, and Social Medias:

If you can answer the existing or frequently asked questions in your writings, wouldn’t it be great? Quora is a dedicated platform for asking questions. Use subreddits to find what people are asking and talking about specific products in Reddit. Go to social media, search your keyword. Look what people are talking about. If you are writing on a brand or product, go to their page, view reviews, comments, retweets. Trust me; it makes the job much easier and enjoyable. It is one of the best ways to make the content reader-oriented.

Consult Sales & Support Team for Customer Feedback:

Who would have better access to necessary information about the customer? Fix a meeting with both the sales and customer support team/representative. Be prepared for the meeting. Ask the sales team where they struggle. Also, what are the key selling points, which make the sales easier? They have a better understanding of customer’s demands, at least more than you. The customer support team will have all the valuable information. Information regarding the customer complaints, appreciations. Harness these to make your content more customer-centric, if requires.

Researching Content

4. Write Original & Unique Content:

You can not prosper if you do not write original content. Copying from others will result in a ban and lawsuits. The search engine will not rank your content either. If your content is unique, then you will have organic reach. Readers seek uniqueness in content. If you write the same way as the existing content, then the readers will not bother to read yours. So, the choice is yours.

5. Make Contents Easy To Read:

The essential factor of great content is readability. Make your content simple and easy to read. You do not need to use peculiar and tough words. Instead, use simple words that people all around the world can understand. If you are writing for a specific target group, that might be an exception. Break your writing into short sentences. Use small paragraphs. Write in the active voice. The main idea is, the reader should not feel uncomfortable while reading the content. You must hook the reader to read the content in one go.

6. Maintain a Proper Structure:

Always plan your content. Make a structure. If your organization or blog has a structure, maintain that as well. You should articulate your content in a defined and structured way. You can create a table of content before writing. Organize your images and videos in that plan as well. Always use appropriate headings and subheadings. It matters. An introduction and a bottom line or conclusion can engage the audience.

7. Write to the Point:

Do not beat around the bush. Cut to the chase. Write to the point. Your reader clicked the thumbnail to get some information. Start giving them that. Introduction or a brief history is good, but do not stretch it. Write what your audience wants to hear. If you lose your audience trying to build suspense, then what is the point? Great content will always be precise. Not long, not short, just perfect.

8. Select Appropriate Tone:

Adopt a tone for your writing. Determine your standpoint and angle from which you are going to write. If you have to write biased content, write keeping that fact in mind. If you are addressing the general, then adopt a friendly and warm tone. This entirely depends on the context you are writing in and varies from content to content. Your website, blog, or organization can also have a distinct and unique tone. You shall refrain from sounding too aggressive and dominating.

9. Use Correct Grammar & Punctuations:

It is one of the most important tips I can offer. If you make a grammatical mistake, you may lose a reader for good. They would not rate you as a good writer at all. Gramma, your grammar nazis are everywhere. The use of proper punctuation is equally important. You can use tools like “Grammarly” to make your content better. Please note that these applications are not perfect as well.

10. Make the Content Credible:

You should provide references in your content. If you provide any statistics, then references are a must. But what sort of links should you refer to? Always refer to education or government (edu/gov) sites or sites which have gained the trust of people. Do not link Wikipedia if there are no other options. Anyone can write on Wikipedia. So your content can lose credibility. It would help if you hyperlinked the references. Do not leave the links of the references in the latter part of the content. Do not.

11. Create Engaging and Thought-Provoking Content:

When you are writing, do not write just dull text. Raise questions and engage with the audience. Engagement will boost the reach of the content. Ask questions, make readers think, make them ask questions to themselves. Always read the comment section. Reply to your readers.

12. Communicate Better by Adding Images and Videos:

A simple image can describe thousands of words. Provide images and videos in your content. It will help to make your point. Images or videos will help the reader to grasp the content more easily. People learn in different ways. Some learn by visual aids, some by hearing aids. So adding an image or video to your content will help the reader to illustrate the idea. Do not steal other people’s images or videos. Create your own. You can use copyright-free sources for content. Images can help you to rank your content better in SERP. Also, provide standard alt text in images.

13. Use Tools or Softwares to Make the Content Better:

There is a bunch of tools that can make your life easier as a content writer. Utilize these tools to make your content better. For example, use SEMrush to do the keyword research, SEO Yoast for SEO compatibility, Grammarly for grammar. There is no shame in taking help from software to make your work better. Not only will it make the content better but also it will make your work much easier. But do not solely rely on these apps. Work by yourself as well.

14. Make Continual Updates to Your Website or Blog:

Do not stop after publishing one or two pieces of content in your blog. Keep updating on a regular basis. If you do not upload regularly, you will not get visitors to your site. The search engine will also not prioritize your content if your site is not regularly updated or has enough work published. Readers also love to read on those sites where there is much content.

15. Make the Content SEO Friendly:

Lastly and most importantly, make your content SEO-friendly. First, try to understand how the search engine works and then try to create your article accordingly. A good content writer will not only write for the readers, but they will also write for google. If your content is not indexed by the Search Engine, you won’t get that much of a visitor. But do not only write for the search engine bot. In current days if you write properly, the search engine itself will find you. The key is to write relevant content. But always give the scope to google to understand what the content is about so that it can help you to rank. We will talk about SEO content writing in another blog.

Content writing is not easy, but if you love writing, it is super easy. Let’s quote the profound philosopher Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” If you love writing, you will never be bored; you will love every moment of it. Remember how many tips you follow won’t matter if you do not write regularly. So write regularly, you will improve anyway.

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