The name itself defines the purpose of this application and OKC is its abbreviated form. OkCupid is free of cost online American dating platform. OKC is developed by a group of four members namely (Christian Rudder, Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn). The inventors of OkCupid are the students of Harvard University. Well, the same group members also invented the famous Sparknotes service. Users got access to OkCupid in 2004 when it was launched in the market. And it is still leading the market as a tough competitor to other dating services.

As we know that each coin has two sides and similar is the case of OkCupid. So no wonder how extraordinary are the services of OkCupid users still wonder how to delete OkCupid account. In all honesty, OkCupid has covered a wide range of market and entertains a large number of users. Several types of users want to continue with OkCupid and others who wonder how do I delete my OkCupid account. Before moving forward you must know the reasons why one wants to delete OkCupid account.

Features and Services of OkCupid 

OkCupid initially introduced as an online website but later on launched its application. In the event to satisfy users, OkCupid launched its app for all the devices. So that android, iOS, and Windows all types of users get access to its services. There are some alluring features of this application that attract users to use it. Well, the purpose of OkCupid is to find the best match for you. For this reason, it collects your personal information so that it could find a perfect match for users. You need to create a legit account on OkCupid for your unique identification. Though this account help over your quest still some users wonder how to delete my OkCupid account. No doubt that OkCupid is one of the best service suppliers in terms of features and services. For example, personal messenger, email service, collect user’s information in the form of MCQ and recommends a suitable match. Then why some users wonder to fix OkCupid delete account issues. Let’s continue reading to get your answer.

Why One Wants to Delete OkCupid Account?

Here we are with some circumstances under which you want to delete OkCupid account. You should know all these reasons if you want to run this app. To begin with OkCupid, lets first go through the below-mentioned conditions.

  • You find other dating applications useful
  • Your partner quest is over
  • Features of OkCupid are not fascinating
  • OkCupid is not easy to run
  • You are bored fining dates
  • You want to switch the idea of searching your match from online to offline

There are several other reasons why you want to know how to delete your OkCupid account.

How Can We Delete an OkCupid Account?

Despite its excellent services, there are several conditions under which you want to delete your OkCupid account. Now, after knowing the valid reasons if you are also wondering to fix OkCupid delete account issue. Then you can go with the below-cited method to resolve your problem. But hold on, first let us know whether you want to delete OkCupid account on mobile or PC?

Because the application is supported by all the devices for the ease of users. And because of different settings, the same problem is solved in a varied manner.

Delete OkCupid account on mobile-

  • Start your device
  • Open OkCupid
  • Enter correct OkCupid user id and password
  • Enter the Settings section and select Account settings
  • You then have to answer some displayed questions properly
  • Click on Confirm option to delete

This Method is an Answer for How Do I Delete My OkCupid Account?

Hope you find this method useful and successfully solved your issue following this. Remember this method is just to delete OkCupid account on mobile phones. In case you are facing the same issue but this time on your system. Ok, don’t worry you can follow the given method to quickly sort this issue even on the PC.

Delete OkCupid Account

Steps to delete OkCupid account on PC-

  • Turn on your device
  • Now start your browser
  • Browse for OkCupid login window
  • Press your profile pic
  • Go to Settings under the Menu
  • Tap on My Account and press on Go Here
  • Now click on Delete OkCupid Account (link)
  • Then tap on Delete Account option
  • Type password in the text box
  • Choose the best suitable option that defines the reason to quit
  • Continue to delete the account

These are some easy steps that help you delete OkCupid account from a computer. With this in mind that OkCupid gave access to all types of users. It has also come up with support services so that users could get a better experience.


The above-cited are some very simple methods to solve those issues. You can settle the errors by following them properly. These methods are for those who don’t know how to delete OkCupid account. Either way, if you are unable to resolve issues even after the above follow up. Then you can get in touch with the OkCupid support service so that to solve your issues quickly. Support service is available 24/7 to assist you when you need them. If you people want more information about dating sites like, delete zoosk account, delete match account, etc you can visit the site and take rough idea of these. Usually, people contact them via mail, text or call regarding their problems. Also, they guide you with the best solution to enhance your experience.

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