Before the beginning of this year, some people set goals for losing weight; maybe you are one of them. How has your journey been? Telling yourself, you will not overeat! Mmmm! How about that pizza or burger crave? Did you manage it? It’s not fun carrying around so much weight; unfortunately, people eat almost the same meals every day but get different results, for this reason when you are trying so had to cut weight, slim people will not understand why you are selective on what you eat.

Anyway, maybe or maybe not you have not achieved your dream, this article will enlight and take you through simple steps, where you are going to start replacing some of your meals with diet shakes, to make your journey of losing weight a fun experience. Why fun? Because you will do your things secretly, but the results will be open, you will no longer force yourself to be walking all the way to work while people look at you with “laughing eyes.”

What is Diet Shake?

These are a range of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, designed to replace the solid food to help reduce the amount of food one consumes to cut the number of calories. They typically come in powder form; therefore, for those who find their taste weird, they can mix with milk or water. Diet shakes are available in a variety of flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, banana and others.

What’s in Diet Shakes?

Most Diet shake are high in protein as it’s the vital nutrient that catalyses weight loss. Other ingredients include digestive enzymes and high levels of antioxidants that prevent premature aging and degenerative diseases. Fruits, vegetable, vitamins and minerals are vital ingredients to help aid in healthy metabolism. Essential amino acids like whey are also common constituents of diet shakes, very useful in stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

How do Diet Shakes Work?

As most diet shakes are rich in proteins, a study has revealed that a high-protein diet causes fewer cravings and reduces the consumer’s eating desire. Most diet shakes contain calories of between 50-200 calories. Therefore, they work by reducing your calorie intake, reduce crave by making one feel full after drinking them. Diet shakes have different ingredients and nutritional value, to successfully lose weight buy one that is within your goal calorie count.

Do Diet Shakes Work?

From research diet shakes can be useful, however, from a survey conducted in Australia, most people blamed the shakes for making the fatter. More men were likely to add weight compared to women. The possibility to this cases was because consumers considered the shakes as food substitute rather than a dietary supplement.

Therefore, the primary reason why shakes did not help on such people was due to inappropriate use. The right way to use this product from weight loss shakes producer is by replacing your lunch or breakfast with the shakes and then, enjoy a reasonable amount of healthy dinner or breakfast. You can make a meal plan you are comfortable with, avoid overeating. Also, consult your physician as each person has different nutrition needs and lifestyle.

How Much do Weight Loss Shakes Cost?

Weight loss shakes are not costly, averagely the price per serve is usually $3 as it ranges from $2-$4, not so pricey. When you purchase the products highlighted in this article, they range from $30-$90.

Best Rated Diet Shakes

310 Shake

310 Shake

310 shake is your partner in achieving that optimal sparkling health goal you have always visualized. 310 shake will not only help you attain your goal but also help maintain it for a long term. It is engineered to help achieve and uphold a healthy weight for the period, so that feel and look your best. You can also check others 310 weight loss supplements as well to full fill your weight loss goal.

One serving of 310 shakes contain the following nutrients

  • 90 Calories
  • 1 g fats
  • O mg cholesterol
  • 7 g carbs
  • O g Sugars
  • O sweeteners, soybeans, artificial flavors
  • 5 g dietary fiber
  • 15 g protein


  • Cleanse and detox the system
  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase metabolism
  • Suppress appetite
  • Keeps cravings under control
  • Provides sufficient nutrients to maintain your health and vibrant
  • Its pocket-friendly compared to the competition


  • It doesn’t have a delightful taste

GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shake

GNC Lean Shake has a variety of flavors and among the most popular are Cookie and Cream, Swiss chocolate and Vanilla Bean which accommodate almost any consumer.

2 level scoop serving of Total Lean Shake nutritional value contain averagely

  • 9 grams protein
  • 4 grams Sugars
  • 5 grams Soluble Fiber
  • 8 grams Dietary Fiber
  • 2 grams Total Fat
  • 250 milligrams Sodium
  • 150 milligrams Potassium
  • 5 grams Cholesterol


  • Suppress appetite
  • Curb cravings
  • Suppress hunger
  • Low sugar and calorie help manage sugar levels and keep off weight
  • Nutrients composition balances the diet taking in minimal fat


  • Chalky taste complain in lightercoloured flavours
  • Consistency not appealing to some consumers
  • Physically active consumers feel hungry after an hour which is lesser than the packaging claims

Vega One Shake

Vega One Shake

Vega one is among the biggest plant-based protein powder shakes globally. It’s engineered from carefully selected premium plant-based ingredients to give you the following nutritional value per scoop.

  • 20 g plants based proteins
  • Greens and Veggies
  • 50 % DV of minerals and vitamins
  • Probiotics( 1 billion cfus)
  • 1.5 g Omega 3 ALA
  • 6 g fiber
  • Antioxidant vitamins E, C and A


  • Ingredients and macronutrient break down
  • Flavors that lack synthetic taste
  • Value for money
  • Gluten and soy free


  • Naturalflavours are less sweet
  • The protein mix has not agreed to stomachs of some users
  • Does not blend with ice it forms a slush



Herbalife is made to assist people to lose weight by minimizing calorie ingestion with a meal being replaced by shakes and boosting metabolism with supplements

Herbalife serving which is two scoops or 25 g contains the following nutritional value

  • 90 Calories
  • 1 g Fat
  • 13 g Carbohydrates
  • 3g Fiber
  • 3 g Sugar
  • 9g Protein


  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Easy and convenient to prepare
  • Contains Soy which is good for the heart
  • There is a soy-free formula for those allergic to Soy.


  • Highly processed ingredients such as synthetic vitamins and artificialflavours
  • They are not exact meal replacements since calories contained cannot constitute a meal
  • They can be expensive
  • Not appropriate for people with intolerances and allergies to the ingredients



Almased is a natural powdered supplement that promises quick and healthy weight loss and at the same time supporting a good night sleep and overall wellness. It also increases metabolism promoting a feeling of satisfaction and fullness for longer.

  • Each serving contains
  • 1g Total fat
  • 3 mg Cholesterol
  • 340 mg Sodium
  • 500 mg Potassium
  • 15g Total Carbohydrates
  • 27g Protein


  • It supports metabolism and energy levels; this thus ensures that metabolism is active during a reduced-calorie diet.
  • It helps to protect muscle mass because since metabolism is active, it gets the energy it needs from fat and not muscle.
  • It helps to keep one full for maximum 6hours, thus keeps hunger and craving at bay.
  • Almased having a low glycaemic index of 27 helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • It’s easy to take.


  • It is highly priced compared to competing products and taste is not great.

Are Wight loss Shake safe & Healthy?

Most criticism of weight loss shakes is that they turn the consumer to taking snacks or eating full meals because they do not fully satisfy the appetite. Concerning safety and healthy, choosing the right diet replacement is key though it can be incredibly difficult. Most people do not know the standards of a genuinely useful brand.

The safest diet powdered shakes to buy are the one completely free of gluten, soy, GMO and other artificial ingredients. There are over 500 meal replacements in the world; however, we can only give you a review of some of the best diet replacements products to choose.

Bottom line

Calories in diet shakes vary from brand to brand; however, most range from 50 to 200 calories. Some are designed to replace two meals while others one. Therefore, it’s important to know the meal plan that best suits you, so that you understand what ingredients-based diet will be sufficient.

Weight loss shakes do not provide an instant solution for weight loss; the process is gradual. Weight loss shakes will help feel-full and meet your crave desires, but, they do not have fat-burning ingredients, they merely help you consume few calories.

Don’t be too hard on yourself rather be realistic to avoid unhealthy dieting as this is unlikely to bring results.



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