The economic system is fascinating. Working for someone or a company is basically a transaction between two or more people in which they both have a symbiotic relationship that sustains all the interested parties. In much simple words, the worker gets paid -and sometimes other benefits-, while the company gets knowledge and workforce.

Otherwise, it simply wouldn’t function as good as it does. That’s the main reason why workers have to be aware of all the must-haves of a dream work before accepting the position. However, not everyone knows what to ask for or to expect when they get to that last interview. If that’s your case, these lines will guide you through in order to recognize the must-have benefits you have always longed for but never realized.

Why is Identifying your must-haves so Important for Choosing a Career?

Even though everyone should have a position in something they love -and the idea is just so romantic-, working for free will not fill their tummies. It is necessary to have a compensation for all those hours spent in front of the computer, at the office or basically whatever people work on.

Getting your must-haves before-hand will lead your career toward your dream job. You can ask for them in the interview phase or build your place as a necessary asset within the company and start asking for more benefits as you go. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in the same position, with the same benefits and not move forward as everyone is supposed to.

What are the must-have Factors for Choosing a Career?

There are many parameters that define the must-haves in a career. In the end, it will always depend on the individual needs and likes of the person. However, there are a few aspects that most people take into account as must-have factors for choosing a career and it does not hurt to have a look at some of them.

Healthy salary

As we mentioned, this is probably the key of any job. Otherwise, it would be volunteering. Having a healthy salary will motivate you and help your employer get the best out of you. In addition, you will benefit from it as you need to pay for rent, groceries, credit cards and a whole bunch of other things.

Strong agreement

It is important to define the rules of the game before getting into a job. This will keep problems away from you and your employer as well as it will set the boundaries you are willing to give up and the ones more rigid to you.

Gratitude and respect

In many jobs, the efforts are often undervalued -and not necessarily in the economic way. According to several researches, the most rewarding careers are those in which the workers experience gratitude on a daily basis. This do not only show respect for knowledge and efforts made, but it also motivates you to be better and keep improving.

How to Identify Your must-haves?

Research on job satisfaction

Whenever people think about the must-haves of a job, they often make reference to the general characteristics of a job. However, there is little reflation in the practice and it leads to further problems in the work environment. All of that, just because they didn’t put a little effort in finding their must-haves first.

Certainly, there are common factors, like money, authority, power, titles or responsibilities. However, there are specific aspects that all individuals consider differently. For example, how many hours are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to work extra-time? Do you know what it represents? All of these questions are very personal and each person will answer them differently.

So, how do you build your must-haves?

Research on job satisfaction

There are plenty of studies that have a lot of information on the pros and cons related to desk and non-desk jobs. Going through them, you will be able to recognize what matches better with your personality.

Differentiate your negotiables from your must-haves

Once you have a sense of what suits you, be more specific. It is really easy to make a simple chart with the columns “must-haves,” “negotiables,” and “definitely don’t want.” Thanks to this tool, you will set your priorities before applying and accepting an offer, providing more clarity and a more focused search.

Try to be as honest and calmed as possible. If you get your excitement in the way, you will find a job that you may hate after a couple of months. As you are looking for the exact contrary, the best thing to do is avoiding this problems from the very beginning.

Take into account your changes over time

In addition, consider that after some time you will probably change your priorities. Try to take that into account and look for a job that will understand your needs and further negotiate the terms of your position in the future.

Final thoughts

It is not easy to find what you are willing to negotiate and what you are not as a starter. Get away from all the voices that surround you and focus on what the person beneath your skin really wants. It will be a practice that benefit both you and the hiring company.


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