According to a whole bunch of researches, communication is key for a person to make the right decision toward a difficult problem. In that sense, a good practice that both successful individuals and companies do is a self-assessment every once in a while. That way, each person can understand their role in life or job within an organization, as well as what s/he is expected to do. In addition, it proves their communication performance and offers feedback toward processes, being able to state the things that work and those that do not.

However, this is a complicated process that requires high level of accuracy and brutal honesty. Sometimes, this is a little difficult for the person who is going through it because the perspective has to be as objective as possible. In that sense, here you have some tools that will help you go through a self-assessment more easily.

What is a self-assessment?

Self-assessment is a process in which the test taker looks at him/herself to assess specific aspects relevant to their identity. In other words, it is a way of discovering things you already know but the level of certainty is not as high as you wish it to be.

Nonetheless, there is a difference with other types of assessments which is basically the reason. Those who are going through this process have to be as objective as possible to provide an accurate and honest result that would drive enough certainty to promote confidence.

In that sense, people who would like to do a self-assessment need to be reassured of the decisions they are taking. Some of these may be high school graduates who are figuring out what to do with their future, employees who are changing careers or people who are revolutionizing their entire life at some level.

Why performing a self-assessment is so important in order to choose a career?

Thanks to self-assessment, candidates can select their career more clearly, based on their personalities, interests, values and skills. When the person goes through this process early enough, it can prevent years of frustration as a result of choosing a career that does not match their most important factors.

Those who are looking to change or a new career can see this process as a valuable tool to get further unrecognized information that will open their minds toward other careers that were not considered previously. In addition, it helps identify the weakness areas in which more training or education is required to develop the already existing skills for a long-lasting career.

How to perform a self-assessment

How to perform a self-assessment?

In order to make one of this, it is essential to keep in mind that you need to be completely honest with yourself, keep an open dialogue to continue after you make some achievements, ask the hard questions and stay positive. Now that it is clear, let’s move on to the first step.


Everyone has accomplished something and you are not the exception. If you are just starting, that’s an accomplishment in itself. Try to think about what your skills and knowledge are stronger, look for the real examples that you accomplished last year. But more importantly, try to include facts and figures, be as specific as possible and explain how you got there.


Certainly, everyone want to be perfect but that is just impossible. Don’t be afraid of admitting your mistakes. It is part of real life because people learn from it and overcome their weaknesses thanks to it. Think of it as an opportunity to improve your results and be a greater professional.

Leadership positions will make mistakes but they don’t let themselves feel bad about it. Instead, they take it as a warning sign of something that needs correction. After all, if they are managing a group of people, they have to know how to maintain their own performance first. Once you overcome that breach without problems, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Set your goals

Now that you understand your own pros and cons as a professional, it is time to make something about it. First of all, set a series of goals. Make sure these are measurable in time and quality as well as very specific. Then, make a plan toward them and work on it trying to stick to it as much as possible.

This as important in both cases. If you are looking for a new job or career, this will provide you enough drive and motivation to get out there and find something quickly. If you already have a job, it will make you boost your positive aspects and avoid or improve the negative ones.

Final thoughts

Self-assessment is a powerful tool when it is used correctly. Be careful in judgment, you don’t want to criticize yourself too much to get depressed. But on the other hand, try not to be too permissive. Otherwise, you will simply make excuses out of it and all the hard introspection would be for nothing.

This is a powerful tool that can help you get the position you want. Just get to work on it and you’ll see results in little time.


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