The ViewSonic Pro9000 is a recent edition of projectors from the technological mogul company ViewSonic. Better known for their well-crafted technology such as their visual display products,ViewSonic has crafted a name in the market for years to come. Founded in 1987, this top beast empire has seen itself produce top notch quality visual display products throughout its years with the ViewSonic Pro9000 being one of them. From ordinary ranged electronics to exceptional products, we now look at some of the Best Home Theater Projector, ViewSonic Pro9000 has to offer.

What is ViewSonic Pro9000?

The ViewSonic Pro9000 is a rare hybrid multipurpose home theater projector with digital light processing technology (DLP). It features multi-functional use as well as providing clear and authentic imagery. From the lineage of the Pro series, the Pro9000 has more to offer in terms of functionality, durability and great aesthetics. Aside from that, the Pro9000

Comes equipped with crisp LED laser and stacked with a durable 20,000 hours light source that keeps the entertainment going to ensure the fun never ends.

How Does ViewSonic Pro9000 Work?

The ViewSonic Pro9000 uses laser LED and Digital Lightining Technology to project your screen onto a background. The device supports HDMI cables that you can plug up onto your device of streaming method.

Key Features

  • 1920×1080 resolution. Crisp, clear images on all backgrounds.
  • Handy Iris feature that offers dynamic performance in black.
  • Lightweight and solid
  • DLP single chip technology
  • 20,000LED light source duration/hours
  • A close 1600 Lumens in brightness mode.
  • Energy efficiencies higher than other projectors
  • Low powered 2-watt speaks ingrained on the front exterior
  • DVI/HDMI support
  • HDTV
  • Multi-purpose for home or business


We reckon the projector costs $1700 up to $2500. Search for a reputable dealership to hook you up with the Pro9000. A few minutes of research and you should be good, with a general idea of what to expect financially.


ViewSonic Pro9000


Seeing that the pro9000 boasts a cool 20,000hour lamp life is just amazing. Coming from a background of high tech projectors such as the Pro8300 which only has a 2500hour lamp life, one can say that clearly the difference ViewSonic made into their production assemblies was a good idea. To some, the feature helps cut down electric bills and helping the consumer save money.


A spectacular feature of the device that makes it our Best Home Theater Projector, ViewSonic Pro9000 takes into considering the long term aspect of its life expectancy. With a sufficient amount of maintenance and of course not critically damaging the device, the Pro9000 can last for up to 4-5 good years. This makes it a very suitable investment as one would not require looking for a replacement any time soon.


Like most projectors, portability is a common advantage. But for use on the other hand, we took into account the lightweight nature of this device. Sure, most projectors can be carried around with ease, but the pro9000 just makes it all the more easier.


Who knew that a sticker can make a world of difference? Well, that what ViewSonic managed to accomplish with a 3-year warranty. Three good years of service with a first-year replacement program. Convenient, stress relieving and simply cool.


2D functionality

Unlike a variety of midrange projectors on the market, the Pro9000 does not feature 3D functionality. Despite the lack of 3D, folks looking to purchase a projector to satisfy their 2-dimensional movie needs will be pleased with the Pro9000.

Brightness Control

To be fair, the brightness experienced by the Pro9000 can be considered to be for only “home” and or “indoor” uses, despite the fact that it is a mid-range device. This is where the device falls short as other similar devices offer a wider range in brightness, some up to 2000 Lumens for the same price. Honestly speaking, the device could have done better in this aspect. Nonetheless, it still serves its purpose in displaying brighter images in certain lighting scenarios like dull or dark lit rooms. Bright rooms will render the projection null.

Customer Reviews

To help finalize your general idea of the ViewSonic Pro9000, a survey was done and customer responses to the product were recorded. In most reviews, several customers thought that the video performance of the device is a good feature given its price.

  • No doubt that the 20,000hour led life made its rounds back us again.
  • Blu-ray discs produce a clear and concise detail with sharp lines and coloring.
  • The exterior build produces a consistent authentic look. Each time you look at it, you can’t help but admire its design.
  • The bulky nature of the projector was a letdown. But with most projectors, one can expect size.
  • Watching in well-lit rooms and environments can do a bit better. The brightness in these conditions needs improvement.
  • The speakers are an exciting add on to the device. Obviously one needs to provide another source of sound output if they are to hear what is playing clearly.
  • Audibility flaws due to the 2-watt front speakers.


No doubt that the ViewSonic Pro9000 is a neat device. Through its ups and downs, the device seamlessly provides the quality it ensures the customers. Looking past the minor flaws in its bulky design and brightness conditions, given the optimum circumstances, the device performs exceptionally well. We think the device bags the title of Best Home Theater Projector ViewSonic Pro9000 in its class. Safe to say you feel the same.



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