Cannabidiol which most people know as CBD is among the many chemical compounds located in the cannabis plant. CBD can be extracted from the hemp or marijuana plants which both belong to the cannabis family. However, to ensure that you do not get high after using CBD products, the hemp plant is considered the best as it contains no THC. This is a common cannabinoid that will get you “stoned” after consumption of CBD. If you were worried about the consumption of CBD products, the good news is that there is that which will just deliver medicinal effects.  If you are new to CBD, we are very hopeful that by the end of these reviews, you will have everything you need to know about these products.

What is CBD?

CBD is commonly known as Cannabidiol which is among the several healthy cannabinoids located in a plant called cannabis. The fact that CBD originates from the cannabis Sativa plant makes it controversial in society. However, doctors and researchers have come to its defense demonstrating the many CBD benefits people can enjoy from using it in their daily lives. CBD is cited by medical experts to help with certain issues among them being epilepsy, insomnia, issues related to anxiety not forgetting extreme cases like cancer. Despite CBD products having so many benefits, the optimal means to use these products remain controversial. Among the popular ways to use CBD is vaping. In this article, we have prepared the different things you need to know about CBD as per the CBD reviews. Read on to become more knowledgeable on this topic.

Does CBD get you high?

The answer to this question is No! This is due to the fact that CBD is purely non-psychoactive which means that it will not negatively impact the mind or the mental process. To be more precise, CBD won’t get you ‘high’. You will therefore not experience any mental slowness after using CBD. The marijuana plant contains high THC content which is the cannabinoid responsible for getting users high. However, cannabis has several other cannabinoids which won’t get you high, such as CBD. Combining high-CBD with very low THC amounts is not going to get you high due to the non-psychoactive nature of this mix.

CBD Products

  • CBD Oil

This is one of the main CBD products which has several medical benefits. CBD oil comes from the hemp plant. The plant is preferred due to the fact that it has no THC which is a compound that causes some mind-altering effects. This oil is normally consumed orally under the tongue with the help of a dropper. Later, the oil is absorbed via the mucous membranes which will then enter the bloodstream without necessarily going through your digestive system.

  • CBD Edibles

CBD edibles arrive in so many forms which range from products like chocolate to honey. However, the most popular edibles are CBD gummies, which people use to get rid of pain and anxiety. This is due to the fact that they are tasty and effective as well. CBD edibles can either be made with CBD which has been extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant. Although these plants originate from the cannabis family, the hemp plant contains no THC which is ideal for most people.

  • CBD Topical

A few topical formats of CBD can be made which include creams. They are produced using the oils which are extracted from the hemp plant. After that, the CBD creams are infused into some topical base. Just like the CBD oil formats, these creams interact so well with CB2 receptors in order to provide the user with some pain-relieving effects. The CBD topical creams are a favorite format for those people who have issues using other forms of CBD products.

Here is a detailed explanation on everything you need to know!

CBD Dosage

Whether you are using CBD for the first time or you have been using it for a long time, understanding the working of CBD and the manner in which it is used might be confusing. This is due to the fact that CBD products are new in the industry. Just like most substances, people with great body mass need more CBD in order to benefit from its effects. Having said this, a genuine way to determine the proper CBD dosage will be taking 1 to 6Mg of CBD in every ten pounds of your body weight. However, this will be based on an individual’s pain level. In case you doubt, it is good to consult the physician, particularly if there is an existing medical issue. While there are few doctors who have experience with CBD products, most of them should be aware of how the body reacts to CBD in order to recommend the correct dosage.

CBD Pros & Cons


  • It won’t get you high

As we discussed earlier, you will be happy to realize that CBD products will not get you high after consumption. Therefore, do not have to worry that it has been extracted from cannabis since it has no psychoactive effects.

  • Easy to use

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, there are so many ways you can use CBD articles. There is a CBD cream, the CBD gummies and you can also opt to vape the product. With all these consumption methods, you can expect to use the product with ease.

  • Ideal for fighting pain

This one of the main reasons you will want to use CBD products. It has the properties of relieving any form of pain in your body. From the muscle tensions to the serious cancer-related symptoms, this is one product you can always rely upon.

  • Can deal with Anxiety and stress

You must be wondering how CBD and anxiety are related but you will be happy to realize that CBD has so much to offer to anxious people. According to, CBD works so well in relieving anxiety for those who are struggling hard to manage their anxiety. Of course, it has its own side effects which will rarely contradict other medications. If you are suffering from cognitive impairment, discomfort when giving a speech, this might indicate signs of anxiety. But it’s recommended to consult with a doctor before getting into CBD.


  • May lead to drowsiness

If you suffer from insomnia, CBD oil will be of great help in such a situation. However, if you are aiming to remain awake, CBD will make that hard. If you want to stay awake, it would be ideal for you to use CBD at low doses.

  • Damages the lung tissue

Depending on the manner in which CBD is ingested, CBD might bring serious side effects to the lung tissue. If left unattended, this problem might develop to become lung cancer.

Bottom Line

Research has brought to light more support to the many benefits of this non-psychotropic compound by the name of CBD. Although its benefits are currently being overshadowed by fears of getting people high since it is linked with THC, you will discover that CBD is different from THC. With all the research into CBD products, it is very obvious that CBD has a great future. Most researchers have suggested that it can have great implications in dealing with different health issues. To ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits of CBD products, you ought to ensure that you use the correct dose. Apart from that, if you are undergoing a certain medication, it would be wise for you to seek a doctor’s help whether the CBD products will be safe for you. Basically, CBD is a safe product that will be a solution to most of your health issues.


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